Car meet Gammelstad Church Town

av Anna Munkhammar

Every Wednesday during summer there is a car meet in Gammelstad church town. On a sunny day there will be a lot of enthusiast cars there.

These images are actually from a few days before we travelled to Finland

This time we did not bring my Volvo. Instead we went there with Johans white BMW E30 with a Audi 5 cylinder turbo engine. Got boost? ?

It’s very beautiful and harmonic in Gammelstad church town and combined with the old veteran cars it’s the perfect setting.

Johans family, including his grandad was at the meet too! We walked around together and after that we had some coffee and a muffin. As we call it in Sweden, a “fika”.

Fika break!

Some of these cars are truly historical treasures, don’t you agree?

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