Painting the house black?

av Anna Munkhammar

I really wanted to go to Sandön this weekend but instead we stayed home and worked with the house.

Sounds like I think it was boring but it was actually fun and very satisfying too. The carpenter has already begun building the new garage.

When the garage is finished we have to paint it and at the same time we should also paint the old part of the house. Therefore me and Johan removed old paint from the house and put primer on it to prepare the facade.

Johan laughed at the lady gloves I was wearing to protect my hands from blisters. I don’t have any real working gloves and hey they worked + they were not too warm!

I want to paint the house black ? but Johan and I have not agreed upon which colour to chose yet.

Black would be beautiful but it’s not practical. We would have to install air condition since black houses gets warmer in summer. We have the winter to decide if we think it’s worth it…

After working hard it was time for some cosy BBQ. I want to paint the grill house black too and connect it to the house with a porch. Big dreams…

Halloumi burger!!

What do you think, should we paint the house black?

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Ajli Müller augusti 22, 2018 - 08:00

Jag tycker svarta hus är snyggt!

Anna Munkhammar augusti 22, 2018 - 17:09

Eller hur!! Jag vill bara strunta i de opraktiska bitarna och måla på…


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