Top 3 best London After Midnight Songs

London After Midnight is a great band formed in the 90s but they are still active to this date. I like many of their songs but I have three clear favourites…

I almost dare to say that The Black Cat is one of my favourite songs of all bands and genres. Together with Type 0 negatives “black no 1” it’s one of the song I listen to most of all. It seems like I never get tired of it.

These are my top 3 London After Midnight choices


The Black Cat






I have this idea that I should highlight goth music on Fridays. I would have called it black Fridays if it weren’t for the YouTuber Black Friday, I don’t want to snitch her name!

Hope you will appreciate my effort and perhaps find some bands or songs that you enjoy!

Did you agree with my list or did I miss your favourite song? 

2 thoughts on “Top 3 best London After Midnight Songs

  1. Luis says:

    Certainly. in my opinion it misses (SPYDER AND THE FLY) really it deserves it. heheheh lol.
    Have a wonderful gloom night with candle burning low. and enjoy your best nightmare!!!!

    🙂 see ya

    1. Hi, yes it was stupid of me only choosing three songs, it was too hard to pick the right ones, haha. One day I like one more and the next it might be another. I agree Spider and the fly is very good too!

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