Nordic Travel Blog Summer Party in Stockholm

av Anna Munkhammar

After making the blog post about Lisemajs cake buffet I got this idea that I should make Throwback Thursday blogposts!

First up is when I was invited to the Nordic Travel Blog Summer Party in Stockholm. June 2017. This was actually the first time I had my silver jar spell that I made for safe travel. As it turned out even though a lot of things went bad on this trip I did feel as if it supported me a lot.

Before the event I met up with Linda Hörnfeldt and Clara Toll at Influencer of Swedens office.

I painted Lindas toenails and we made ourselves pretty for the evening.

The actual event was very fun and I met a lot of new people. One of my new acquaintances was Linnea Edmark who has the the blog . Several months later we shared a hotel room in Åre.

Stockholm was fun and beautiful until I found out my childhood friend had passed away

Suddenly all I wanted was to get home from the city. I started to cry in the subway and a kind-hearted woman gave me a napkin to wipe my tears. It did make me feel less embarrassed over breaking down among people but I would rather have been alone.

The last day in Stockholm felt like on long wait to get back home.

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