80s goth car dreams

av Anna Munkhammar

I have been trying to figure out how I should dress for the Retro Rally on Saturday. The hammock is a great place for important thoughts…

I’m participating in the Rally with my old Volvo 740 from 1988. It’s not a real rally, you drive your veteran car on a beautiful route and there are pit stops along the way with lunch and coffee breaks.

There is also a various prices to win and one of them is called “Concours de charme”. The driver with the outfit that matches the car the best wins. I don’t think that I will stand a chance but my plan is to dress in a 80s goth style. I think it should suit the interior of my car pretty well, don’t you think?

Too bad my cat Patrik can’t come along in the car!

When I did image searches on icons such as Siouxsie Sioux to get ideas I found a new blog that I really like! Perhaps you already know about it but it’s called Corvinus Style. Her blog is kind of what I wish mine would be with a clear focus. The post about 80s goth was interesting and well made, you can find it here.

The evening ended with a tasty as well as beautiful Mojito… mmmm

I think Mojito is my favourite drink, what’s yours?

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