Driving Veteran Mopeds

av Anna Munkhammar

Today Johan fixed the veteran mopeds and after that we could take them for a ride!

Johan looks like a giant on his Crescent Compact from the 70s. His grandfather once modified it when Johan was a kid and too small to reach down with his feet. Cute!!

We drove to a place called Sandögårdarna. The house is from the 19th century and the couple who live there have a small farm with sheep. Johans mum and a friend of hers had cykled there in advance to buy a beautiful sheepskin and sausage.

I love driving “my” moped! it’s fun and there is a special feeling when they are old. It’s not really mine but I always drive the Honda Dax and I wish it was in my possession ?

After a few stops we continued back to the cottage.

That’s all for today, see you again tomorrow!

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