Lisemajs Guesthouse Cake Buffet

Lisemaj has a guesthouse in Västmark and once a year every summer she organizes a big cake buffet. She bakes everything herself and it’s amazing!

Even before Lisemaj had opened her buffet the que was long. Longer than what is visible on this image.

As you can imagine it was hard to chose which cakes to try!

Let’s go down the memory line… This is what it looked like two years ago when me and mum visited Lisemaj in July 2016: I hope we can go again in 2019 ?

Lisemajs daughter looks like the swedish crown princess Victoria!

If you want to see more of Lisemajs cake creations she has a facebook group called Lisemajs kaloribomber (Lisemajs calorie bombs).

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3 thoughts on “Lisemajs Guesthouse Cake Buffet

  1. WOW alltså! Jahapp, nu blev jag fikasugen … 🙂

    1. Blev en väldigt liten middag på kvällen ??

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