Renovating the old door

av Anna Munkhammar

Yet another day with hard work. We had to empty the garage and bring all stuff to the cottage in the backyard. There has been two snowmobiles in there too but I forgot to photograph the mess before we started… It actually looked much worse than this! 

My arms are aching! I should look like a bodybuilder after this!! (I shouldn’t take all the credit though, Johan was carrying too)

You might think I rested after all that but nope, we began renovating the door.

I’m painting the inside of the door white but we don’t know which colour the outside should be and therefore I will leave it untouched.

Johan removed the yellow glass so that I could paint between the two glasses as well. We also ordered new glass that has a similar texture but is clear instead of yellow.

Tomorrow I can paint a second layer of paint and then we only have to wait for it to dry and mount the new glass ?

Perhaps tomorrow evening we will take a break from working with the house and do something different.

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