Boden Alive Rally Sprint

av Anna Munkhammar

Came home to Patrik today and I think he has missed me! Mum took care of him for almost a week while we have been away from home.

Patrik loves to cuddle and every time I record a YouTube video he wants to sit in my lap. I suppose he think it’s cosy and it help me to be more at ease in front of the camera too!

What else has happened today besides petting my little cat? Well, we went to Boden Alive Rally Sprint.

It was fun to see all the fast rally cars but in one of the breaks they drove with old enthusiast cars at low speed instead. My heart did beat a little extra for this intermission ?

At last it was time to jump into my Volvo 740 and go back home. I love it even more after our Finland vacation…

Finally time to sleep in my own bed again. Sweet dreams!

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