Baptism and cars

av Anna Munkhammar

This post should have been published yesterday but it was such an intense day I fell asleep as soon as we came yo the hotel.

The dag started with my niece’s babtism

It was very atmospheric in Gammelstads church and look how pretty the cake was! I don’t think anyone felt like eating the baby though….

Right after the baptism we started our journey to Finland!

We are going there with my Volvo 740 veteran car. The sky is bright blue but it looks white on the image. Fantastic weather so faar.

Our first stop was Tornio in Finland where we had booked a room at Park Hotel Tornio.

From Tornio we could walk across the finnish border back to Sweden and the city Haparanda. There we participated in Wheels Nationals Classic Motormeet. I’ll make a specific post about it because I took 1000 images but for now I’ll only show you a few of them.

That was all from yesterday!

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