Boat Tour in Luleå Archipelago

av Anna Munkhammar

My friend Eva who has the blog People in the Street is making a blog post serie with “postcards” from every day of her vacation. I think it’s a great concept and therefore I’m planning to steal her idea!

These are two images from Evas Vacation Day 2 ?

Inspired by Eva I’m going to show you images from every day of my summer vacation too!

Me, Johan and Britt has spent the day in Luleå archipelago. It has been an amazing day and I took a lot of pictures but I try not to photograph too much…

Sometimes you miss the experience if you see everything through the camera lens trying to get the perfect image. It’s easy to forget but remember that memories are more valuable than pictures in your Instagram feed!

Get bangs they said, it will be pretty they said – Tintin

As usual we are visiting Johans parents in their cabin at Sandön. Johan and I are staying in “our” small black cabin. It’s not ours but it feels like it since we always sleep in it when we are here.

It’s been a hot summer so faar and the temperature of the sea is warm too. Last summer the water was too cold for me but today it was pleasant to walk in it! Gave me flashbacks to when I was in Florida looking for seashells.

In the afternoon we borrowed the other boat and took it for a tour in the archipelago…

…and in the evening I painted my toenails and had a Corona.

See you tomorrow ?

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Eva - People in the Street juli 13, 2018 - 14:45

Åh vad kul att du hakar på semestervykorten ? Roligt att jag kunde inspirera dig. Ha en fortsatt underbar sommar!

Anna Munkhammar juli 15, 2018 - 21:50

Ja men gav mig en bra spark i baken!


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