Volvo car meet

av Anna Munkhammar

The Volvo car meet is a yearly event but this was the first time for me. Actually it was the first meet ever with my Volvo 740 project with the american front ?

Too bad I didn’t really understand how big the Volvo meet was. SHOULD HAVE WASHED THE CAR!!!

First we were a few from an enthusiast car club that met up by the retro cafe in Boden. After spending some time there we drove in a cortege to the first part of the meet in Sunderbyn.

I was amazed at how many vintage Volvo car owners that gathered this day. Johan and I had a great time walking around looking at cars and talking with people.

It was sunny and there was free hot dogs and coffee for everyone that turned up with a Volvo. I’m not very fond of hotdogs which means Johan got two. Seems like it was his lucky day, in many ways it would turn out because later that day we won the highest prize!

The twins were there too. Love their orange custom built Volvo 142!

We also met Johans grandpa ? I assume the meet made an impression on him because he actually bought a Volvo himself shortly after!

After spending some time in Sunderbyn it was time to move on. All 120 cars drove in a cortege to Bilbolaget. It must have been quite a sight!

As if it wasn’t enough with free hotdogs, upon arriving at Bilbolaget everyone got a hamburger too! There were almost too many cars showing up because there wasn’t really enough space for everyone at the parking lot.

I was surprised at how interested a lot of the other owners were when they looked at my car. I suppose they think it’s good with some “fresh blood” at the meets and they wanted to make sure I felt welcomed.

If you have worked hard with something it’s very nice when others see it and shows an interest. Many shared a lot of knowledge and told me stories of old cars they have had and the atmosphere got quite cosy.

Here are some images of what my car looks like so far. Johan helped me with changing to an American front with American headlights.

Inside I’ve decorated with silver skulls and quartz crystals that I’ve found on various motor events. Always keeping my eyes on the ground to find stones and potential treasures!

Some cars were inside Bilbolaget too. Interesting with the contrast of new and old. I love the design of the front on the new cars. You can see the roots in the historic Volvo car designs.

I mentioned that Johan won the highest price and he did! The crazy part was that TWO out of three winners in the licence plate lottery were named Johan Eriksson.

When they called up Johan Eriksson as the third price winner we cheered and he went to collect the price… Such a disappointment when there was someone else with the same name that had won!! It was embarrasing too since there was quite an audience watching the award ceremony… However, when they called up the first price winner it was Johan Eriksson again and this time it was us! The audience went wild when Johan went up again to collect the price!

We won 1000kr (about 100$) worth of gasoline at Tanka gas station.

I look forward to more car meets this summer. In fact right now I’m on my way to Piteå to watch a drag racing event and next weekend de are driving my Volvo to Wheels Nationals Classic Motormeet in Haparanda.

Which is your favourite Volvo car?

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