Weekend fun

av Anna Munkhammar

I’ve had an amazing weekend with Johan and thought I should share some images from it with you ?

On Saturday we went into town to watch Boden Watercross, a watercross competition.

It was fun and I almost started longing for snow. But only almost… It’s nice that it’s finally summer. Besides you can obviously drive snowmobiles during summer too!!

When we got home Johan started the grill and I opened up a bottle of champagne. It was a gift from Johanna on my 30th birthday and I had been saving it for a “special event”. This was not really any special event in that sense but it was a great day and I have been a lot happier these past months.

Sometimes it’s not an event but rather simple moments in life that needs to be celebrated. Some day I’ll write more about this dreadful winter but for now I want to focus on the present and all the positive changes I’ve made.

On Sunday we continued with our renovation project. I enjoy building together with Johan. It’s cosy and he is very patient (good for me…).

Despite Johan beeing a patient man he did not want to spend the whole day indoors and neither did I. More watercross seemed like a better idea!

This time it was Johans brother Gustav and his friend Adrian that were trying out their snowmobiles on a lake. It was cool to watch and I started to dream about driving on water myself. However the thought of the cold water when the snowmobile sinks to the bottom of the lake isn’t appealing…

How did you spend your weekend? 

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Funbeasts april 27, 2019 - 10:38

Epic post as always, love your blog! thanks for sharing this article.

Anna Munkhammar april 27, 2019 - 23:04

Thank You!!


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