Volvo 740 project car

DIY Painted Rims With Plasti Dip

Last summer I bought a Volvo 740 from 1988. I had been dreaming of having a 740 for several years and after getting some support from Johan I finally got one!

This is my first car project and I will share my progress with you both here on the blog and on YouTube. It will be some kind of “goth my ride”.

The first major change that I did was changing the Swedish front to an American front. Wow, it totally makes the car!!

However in this post I will focus on the rims. I got the rims with the car but they were in a pretty rough shape. Johan suggested that we should paint them silver and black.

The first thing that we had to do was to grind and rinse the rims to remove old colour and dirt.

Next was masking the parts that had to be protected from the paint. All the preparations took a lot longer than I expected but it was fun working together with Johan ?

Since Johan is a lot more experienced than me he was the one spraying the paint. I was too scared to mess up but maybe next time I will try it out too.

We used ordinary paint for the silver parts and waited inbetween to make several layers of paint. When they were finished we left them to dry completely until the next day.

On day 2 we masked and painted the black parts of the rims. This time we used plasti dip with a clear top coat. I’m not sure how well plasti dip lasts but we give it a chance!

This is the end result.



The image is taken on a Volvo car meet. I have a lot of images from that day which I promise to upload later. Lot’s of AMAZING Volvos.

Have you used plasti dip and what did you think of it?

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