Alternative Shopping in Stockholm

av Anna Munkhammar

The Saturday after the Influencer Award I had yet another day to spend in Stockholm and I did it by having a coffee with my sister at Haymarket and after that I was walking around alone observing the city life.

I wrote this blog post in the autumn but forgot to publish it. Better late than never!

One thing that I always find amusing is that food and items easily found where I live in northern Sweden are crazy expensive in the capital. It certainly makes you appreciate all those berries and mushrooms in the forest.

Apart from feeling rich I was pleased to find that some shops had already started to decorate for Halloween. I like looking at Halloween decorations and it’s always more easy to find cool items at regular stores around Halloween.

One of the stores I had to check out was “Butterick’s”. It sounds crazy but Butterick’s is the company that imported American Halloween to Sweden in the early 90’s. Before that we only celebrated our own holiday “All Helgona”. If you want to know more about that you should watch my video “What is Halloween like in Sweden”.

I also went to Shock and C.U.M clubwear. Shock has all kinds of alternative wear and I sometimes order from their onlineshop. It is sweet walking into a real store for a change and it was nicely decorated for Halloween.

The girl working at Shock was super friendly so I asked her for advice on where to spend the evening. She gave me a few suggestions of goth clubs and even a vampire bar!! In the end I had a lot of problems with my phone that night and could not go anywhere but next time I will pay a visit to that vampire bar!

C.U.M ClubWear looks small on the outside but there are stairs down to a quite large cellar. As I understands it designer Dominika Skansen makes about 20% of the clothes sold there and it is also possible to order custom made items made by her. Apart from that they also sell collections from various European brands. Some clothes are pretty extreme but not everything in the store is so it can be worth a visit even if you have a more subtle style.

Did I mention phone issues earlier? I had an awful experience when I realized I had lost my charger and had 0% battery left on my phone… the Hotel didn’t have any charger in their reception eather (!!) I had to take a cab to search for a store that would sell a charger quite late in the evening.

It was somewhat scary walking around in a city faar from home without any phone but eventually I found a powerbank at a small Turkish shop. The powerbank was not charged but at least I got a cable from it and were able to use it at a restaurant called Prime Burger. Ate a very tasty halloumi burger while waiting for the phone to charge ?

After that burger I was too tired to go to any vampire bar and besides I had not dressed for going out when I had to leave the hotel in search of the charger. I was pretty disappointed but hopefully I can go there next time!

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