Rainy Midsummer’s eve

av Anna Munkhammar

It’s no surprise that when Midsummer’s eve eventually arrived it was pouring down. In other words it was a typical Swedish midsummer!

I did not think much of the weather accept from when I had to go to the outdoor privy. In fact it was quite charming! Johans parents cottage is very cosy inside and there was plenty of tasty food.

Johans mother is very sweet and gave each of us a little present. Britt got a bone treat and I got a starshaped plate to keep my jewellery on when I go to bed ☆

I don’t know why it’s important but as true Swedes we did not want the weather to “win” over us. We had our dinner indoors but there is no real midsummer without sitting outdoors too is there?

The solution was to raise a tent. Mats and Danne was up for the task…

It was almost outdoors, warmer and it protected us from both rain and mosquitos. Never underestimate a good old party-tent.

To me, midsummer eve is also a magical night that holds a lot of mystery and tradition. When I went to our black cottage to go to bed I took some time for myself.

Midsummer is about rebirth and growth. wanted to think over things in my life that makes me happy and things that I want to evolve. I also did some yoga to relax.

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