Western Farm Drängarna & Pökerz

av Anna Munkhammar

On June 13 I turned 31 years old (Happy birthday for me)! Last Saturday I decided to have some friends over for BBQ and drinks before going to Western Farm. Johan had bought a new Weber grill that he installed during the day and I had marinated moose meat for dinner.

I could not have asked for better weather, or friends. The sun was shining all dag and night and we never stopped laughing. It was a long time since I had such a genuinely nice party and I got more than a little bit tipsy…

When we arrived at Western Farm the Swedish band Drängarna was already playing. Their music is not was I usually listen to but I connect a lot of their songs to Swedish summer and partying. People generally tend to get very happy and joyful on their live shows and this time was no exception. I danced, hugged and drank a lot of beer to the soundtrack of their silly songs!

The absolute musical highlight of the evening was Pökerz, a tribute band to the popular humor/music group Ronny & Ragge.

My childhood friend Johanna and I have known each other since we were born and as kids we loved Ronny & Ragge. Their lyrics are very nasty and involves a lot of explicit content but as children we did not understand that and as adults it’s very funny. No wounder we got absolutely crazy and starstruck when we met Pökerz even though they were not the real Ronny and Ragge.

We sang along to all songs and my throat is still sour even though it has been a week… Auch…

Listen to their song “Köra Fort som Fan” (Drive fast as hell). Isn’t it charming?

I can’t believe I’m 31 years old… How old are you? 

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Lorissa Lovebomb juni 25, 2018 - 10:29

grattis i efterskott! Det verkar så himla trevligt 😀

Jag är 28 år.

Anna Munkhammar juni 25, 2018 - 22:42

Tack!!! Ja det var jättetrevligt! 28, det räknar jag som sam-ålders 🙂


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