Swedish National day at Sandön

av Anna Munkhammar

Sweden’s national day is 6th June and most Swedes are vacant from work. This year Johan and I went by boat to his parents cottage at Sandön in Luleå archipelago. It’s cosy there and refreshing to spend time outdoors.

We Swedes tend to complain that our national day is not really celebrated as in for instance Norway or America. Our tradition simply isn’t the same and most people only raise the flag (if they even have any), relaxes and enjoys having a day off work.

There are some activities in the cities too but I rarely go there. Sometimes I wish I was more patriotic.

The name of the island is “Sandön” and it means “sand island”

Britt loves Sandön. She enjoys taking walks and to relax on the beach. Most of the time she is half asleep watching us work with something (or waiting for Johans mum to give her sausage)

This day it was cold but still very beautiful and at least it was not raining. The tide was extremely low and I walked on the seabed searching for lost treasures or pretty stones. The only thing I found was a piece of a birds skull…

Today it’s Friday and we are going to Sandön again over the weekend.

How do you celebrate your country’s national day?

/Anna Munkhammar

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Karin juni 11, 2018 - 22:53

Ååh, så mysigt 🙂 Jag har varit ute i Piteås skärgård men aldrig Luleås. Ser jättefint ut!

Hej förresten, kul att hitta en annan svensk som bloggar på engelska. Och som dessutom också är från Norrbotten. 🙂 Jag bor nere i Skellefteå nu men kommer ursprungligen från Älvsbyn.

Anna Munkhammar juni 18, 2018 - 10:06

Hej Karin. Å vad kul jag måste kolla in din blogg också! För mig är det tvärt om att jag inte varit i Piteås.


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