From blonde to black

av Anna Munkhammar

Notice something new? It took a lot of courage because I worked very hard to get my white hair but when I finally gave it up it felt completely right!



The fun part of having white hair was that I could use semipermanent hair dye to change between different colours. I’ve had different shades of purple, blue, pink, green, white and grey.

I guess I got tired of the colours and even though it was a while ago I was dark it felt as if I changed “back to normal”. Here are some images from when I was 24 and obsessed with black hair and bangs. I love bangs but it’s high maintenance because they never want to stay in place do they!?

I hate it when I have corpse black hair and the roots start to show after a few weeks and therefore this time I made a black ombre/balayage. When it comes to looks I’m extremely lazy!

What is your hair colour?

/Anna Munkhammar

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