Resa och Äventyr, Skoter

Girltour ÅrreNjarka mars 2018

This weekend I’m in ÅrreNjarka with eight girlfriends. We make this trip every year and it has become a really nice tradition.

Yesterday the weather was AMAZING. It was -30°C in the morning but it got warmer during the day and as we got higher up on the mountains the temperature dropped.

I wore several layers of clothes and was actually sweating instead of freezing. The other girls played around and made doughnuts in the snow and I bet they were not cold eather.

What I love most of all with snowmobiling is driving through untouched sparkling snow. It’s hard to capture in a photograph but when the sunrays make the snowcrystals sparkle it’s very beautiful. Somehow it’s empowering and make me feel happy.

There is a lot more snow this year than the past two. At some areas it’s very deep. It was very difficult to walk to Fridas snowmobile to help her out when it was stuck.

We are good at helping each other out when someone get stuck in the snow but of course we have to take a picture and laugh about it first.

When we got tired we took a well deserved break and ate Bettans home made batter pudding before turning back home.

Have you ever been to ÅrreNjarka?

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