Snowcross in Kåbdalis

av Anna Munkhammar

A few weeks ago was in Kåbdalis with Johan, our dog Britt and my parents during the weekend.

Kåbdalis is a skiing resort close to the town Jokkmokk just above the Arctic Circle. This particular weekend there was a snowcross competition and that really spiced up the view from the ski lift!

It’s fun to watch but I would not want to participate in a snowcross competition myself. I’m too scared of heights and I would be afraid of getting crushed by somebody elses snowmobile. That would probably not happen since I’m too slow and therefore no one would drive behind me and potentially jump into me. Still the thought of it is scary.

Anyway this weekend we did not bring our own snowmobiles and instead we spent the days in the slope.

The weather was beautiful but cold. It was -24° Celcius on Sunday and we were thinking about packing our things and travel back home straight away in the morning. Luckily we gave it a chance and went to the slope anyway and as it turned out on top of the mountain it was only -12°. It was fantastic!

It looks pretty on the images but beeing there breathing fresh air and seeing snowcrystals sparkling from the sun is a whole other dimension.

Tomorrow I’m going to a snowcross competition again but this time it’s in Boden. I will bring a different camera lense and hopefully I can get better close up images of the snowmobiles. It can be a bit tricky photographing targets moving this fast.

What do you think of snowcross and would you dare to try it?

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