Winter Vacation in Åre

av Anna Munkhammar

I’m on something called “Winter Workation” in Åre. Workation is a play with words where work and vacation are mixed into one word and actually that explains it quite well. We are a bunch of bloggers, YouTubers and Instagramers (also called Influencers) who are on vacation doing a lot of fun activities as well as working, learning new things and participating in seminars.

Winter Workation is held by the organisation called Influencers of Sweden, to which I am also a member. I keep mentioning Influencers of Sweden over and over again because they educate to strengthen Influencers to see their true value and to make business out of their work. At the same time they work really hard to prevent surreptitious advertising. If you speak Swedish and have an interest in blogs you should defiantly check out their podcast “We are Influencers”. Linda has made a lot of interesting interviews with some of Swedens most inspiring influencers!

This is the second time I’m on this event and last time it was a blast! I was on a guided snowmobile tour, skiing, tried zipline and I went to Swedens biggest waterfall Tännforsen. However, this year I’m taking it chill and have not involved in as many activities as last year. It was fun but this year I don’t need adventures I rather need to relax and get down to earth. We are staying at a hotel called Holiday Club and they have a really nice bathing and spa area with several different saunas. Sounds like an excellent way to take it chill if you ask me.

These are some images from last years more adventurous workation…

…and here are some videos…

If you want to know more about zipline in Åre during the winter you should check out my blogpost “Winter Zipline in Åre”.

As you may have noticed I’ve had a break on both my blog and on YouTube. There has been a lot of stress in my life and I have not felt particularly happy during December and January. I do my best to recover and get back to my own self and making this blog-post is one step forward. Perhaps later on I will write more about it but what matters the most now is that I’m finally beginning to see some kind if light in the end of the tunnel. Thank you for all the messages I have been sent these past months! It helps too <3

/Anna Munkhammar

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