Jetlag & mini house tour

av Anna Munkhammar

After flying back to Sweden from Florida I have for the first time in my life experienced the so called Jetlag… I have always secretly thought some people might exagerate their jetlag issues simply to be able to brag a bit more about their trip. But now when experiencing it myself… Wow I’m so tired.

It’s not just the time difference, it’s the climate too! I am very thankful it has been snowing because I love winter and snow but since I came home I have been freezing constantly. It feels cold even indoors!

I made a youtube video where I am super tired and look like a mess while talking about this. I also show you the big contrast with videos from Florida compared to what things looked like when I came back home. You also get to see a little bit from my home and my cat Patrik says hello.

After uploading the video I have been asked if I am pro-Trump due to my Donald Trump tourist T-shirt. I want to clarify that no I am not pro-Trump (!)
♡ /Anna Munkhammar

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