The Snowmobile day

av Anna Munkhammar

I am finally home again after my trip to Florida and it is cold and snowy outdoors! Quite a big change to the hot weather I have become used to these past weeks… Despite having a wonderful time in America I can’t explain how happy I am to come home. I even cried a few tears when I sat down in our sofa.

Normally I upload a video every thursday but this week it will be on friday (tomorrow). I’m tired of traveling and jetlag and apart from that I wanted to spend time with my parents ♡

The day before we traveled to Florida me and Johan was on something called “The Snowmobile Day” (Snöskoterns dag). It is a day when people interested in snowmobiling visit the stores in their area to drink coffee and eat hamburgers while looking at the snowmobiles (and related attire). Usually there are a lot of great deals to make and apart from that it is cozy to meet and speak with friends.

This year it had started to snow and I was super excited about that. I knew it was far from enough snow to drive and that it would probably melt soon but it gave me such a nice feeling!!

I also got to see the new Ski-Doo Freeride and it looked great. I had to stand on it and pretend to drive it in the store. When there is enough snow I will ask Stefan at Tords Motorservice (my snowmobile dealer) if I can test drive it for real.

Apart from the actual snowmobiles there is such an amount of related attire to look at. Jackets, helmets, glasses, gloves, underwear, bags, sledwraps and so on. Always new inventions and ideas to make your trip more comfortable. I liked this fold-able pellet grill which saves a lot of space.

According to the weather reports it will be snowing this weekend. Perhaps we can take out our snowmobiles and at least drive around in one circle in our backyard…? /Anna Munkhammar

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