I have a cold on my dream journey

av Anna Munkhammar

Ok so here comes a little reminder that things are not great just because you happen to have a wonderful view outside your balcony. I HAVE A COLD.

Yes, I have been waiting for this trip to USA for a year (or a lifetime) and now that I am finally here I have a sore throat that comes and goes and today my nose is killing me. I have bought extra soft napkins in an attempt to spare the skin on my nose tip but I’m quite sure it will peal off.

I know I know it could be worse but I’m so tired and sad and even though I am thankful to be well enough to walk around I can not help to feel disappointed. I just want to feel well and have full energy that’s all.

Already my plan to go to an area in Tampa called Ybor and the nightclub The Castle is ruined because today is the last day possible to go and I’m simply to exhausted.

Just wanted to share with you that things are not great and perfect at all times. No matter how old you get it is though to deal with disappointments ♡ /Anna Munkhammar

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