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Mentioned in Hellaholics blog

Hellaholics has written about me in their blog. They sent me a message yesterday and asked if they could borrow some images from me and of course I said yes. You can see their full blog post here.

I have been in touch with them before when the postal service lost my package and I eventually ended up with 2 extra rings. You can read more about that episode here

The only bad thing with Hellaholics writing about me was that when I was going to check it out this morning I noticed they had some silver rings in the “new in” section. Damn it there was a small one with a amethyst that I just happened to buy…

I think by now I have about 5 rings from Hellaholics but I just love the silver ones with stones that they have! I wish they came in smaller sizes because my hands are tiny and then I could have them on more fingers.  /Anna Munkhammar

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