Clearwater Beach in November

av Anna Munkhammar

I have already shown you Clearwater Beach in the sunset but now I have also experienced it during the day. Wow it is so nice and the sand is all white. I uploaded an image of the sand on Instagram and two people actually thought it was snow!

I can’t believe this is a winter day when it is much warmer than a summer day at home. I am very sensitive to cold and usually have to wear several layers of different garments but here in Florida I’m walking around with almost nothing. It feels amazing!

Something that has surprised me is that as you can see on the images, we are almost alone at the beach. Sure there are others there too of course but the beach is not overloaded with tourists. In the beginning of the day it is very calm and then later on when the locals get home from work it is a bit more crowded.

Tomorrow we might be going to another beach a bit further away from where we live. That will be interesting. I think it will be a bit more private but that is just a wild guess.

I hope you are having a nice time too wherever you live in the world ♡  /Anna Munkhammar

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