The Snowmobile day in Sweden

av Anna Munkhammar

Today I am going to something called “The Snowmobile Day” in Sweden (Snöskoterns dag). It’s a weekend when all snowmobile stores are open and people interested in snowmobiling go to all the stores in their area to meet others and to eat BBQ:ed hamburgers. And yes of course you can make good deals on snowmobiles and related attire too!

The Snowmobile day has become a marker of the start of the season and therefore I always look forward to it! Last year I came straight from the Canary Islands only to see there was a pile of snow outside one of the stores called Sixten Nilssons and that made me super excited. Unfortunately the snow came from the hockey rink and we had to wait a few weeks more before we had enough real snow to start driving.

This year I will travel to Florida AFTER the Snowmobile day. I will get a pre-taste of the upcoming season and when I come home from USA it should not be long until I can go on a little ride. Last year we went on our first snowmobile tour in the end of November. Sure there was not much snow and we did not go far but still!

The best part with the Snowmobile day is that you get to meet everyone else that is driving and at the same time you can see all the new models. I also like to meet my local Ski-Doo dealer Stefan at Tords Motorservice because he will tell me the latest news and is always very enthusiastic.

Are you longing for snowmobiling?  /Anna Munkhammar

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