Weird Things I have heard about USA

av Anna Munkhammar

In my video today I will give you four examples of things that I have heard about USA that seems weird to me as a Swede. I must admit the first thing I say is actually something that is strange in Sweden and not in America. Two of the things I mention are goth related and I hope someone fill in the gaps there.

Please let me know if I am completely wrong in any statement because these things might not be true and I am aware of that they could simply be prejudices. Since I am going to Florida on Sunday it will be fun to see what I think about this afterwards don’t you think? I will defiantly make a follow up video!

In the video I promised to make a longer list on weird things I have heard about America and here it is:

  • You can get sued for anything. Therefore everything you buy is accompanied by a large book with things you can’t do with the product. These booklets can contain crazy explanations of things that noone sane would ever do anyway. Sometimes american descriptions comes with products we buy in Sweden and we laugh at them. For instance where I work there is a high pressure washer in which the water turns 80° C (176℉) and it says you can’t wash your dog with it… Who would be that stupid?


  • There are no limits for how rusty a car can get. In Sweden all cars has to go through a yearly inspection where they check if the car is safe enough for the roads. If the car is too rusty you have to fix it to be approved. In America I have heard there is no limit for the rust! I have heard people say some cars drive around with huge holes in the doors!


  • Border Security never laugh! That is not completely true because I have heard one person say they smiled a little. Still they are known to be very rigid and thorough which is good of course but for a Swede not particularly used to see heavy armor and weapons it can make you somewhat nervous. My friends mum brought fruits with her and border control made her leave the oranges but she were aloud to keep the bananas.


  • Americans are super friendly. This is something good but it might feel unusual in some situations. I was told to be prepared of strangers beginning conversations in ques at the grocery store etc. I think that is really nice though because I am very social and kind of like talking with people myself. 


  • USA is very open minded but still very conservative at the same time. There are lot’s of strictly religious people living in the US while at the same time there can be outdoor festivals such as Key West Fantasy Week in which others dress up in nothing but body paint. 

  • Grocery stores have special electrical shopping carts that you can drive for extremely overweight people. This is not per say something bad because if you are overweight I suppose it is good with things that can make your everyday life more easy. It’s just that we don’t have that in Sweden. There are shopping carts adapted for wheelchairs or parents with a small child but none of those are electrical.


  • Donald Trump is the president. I don’t know but do I need to explain this any further 😀 I don’t want to write too much here in case they take me to Guantanamo as soon as I arrives to Florida.  I liked him in the reality show “the Apprentice”.


Please note that this is meant to be fun and I know many of these things might not be true at all so I hope noone will feel offended by my list.

Do you know anything weird about USA or have you perhaps heard something about Sweden? /Anna Munkhammar


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Helena - Oh darling, let's be adventurers november 19, 2017 - 14:37

I love reading and hearing about all the things that are weird in USA. Those shopping carts definitely comes up on my list too. My brother even got to try one out because he was asked to drive it back to its place.

Anna Munkhammar november 20, 2017 - 01:18

I saw them and had to take a picture of them. I wish I could have tried one like your brother!! It was mostly elders and those with disabilities that used them which is really good. The store get accesable for more people I guess.


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