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Winter Zipline in Åre

I decided to try ziplining for the first time in my life when I was on something called a “Winter Workation” in Åre together with a few other bloggers from Influencers of Sweden. The word “workation” is a wordplay with the mixture of the words “work” and “vacation”. Simply put, we were working and at the same time it was mixed with fun activities and some spare time. One of these activities were Zipline and I am very happy I had the guts to try it!

I could not help to think about the South Park episode “I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining” in which the instructors are super enthusiastic while the boys thinks it’s super boring. I think my reaction was a bit different to Cartmans or what do you think?

I’m not exaggerating if I tell you I am VERY scared of heights but I also love to face my fear and in between my screams you can sometimes hear some giggles when it tickles in my stomach.

More Videos from my trip to Åre:

Are you afraid of heights and would you ever dare to try zipline?

/Anna Munkhammar

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