The big Influencer Award

av Anna Munkhammar

This Friday I had a wonderful evening at Stora Influencer Priset in Stockholm (the big influencer award). It was a gala with an award ceremony for some of Swedens best Influences. Well, that’s not me of course, I was simply a guest there but I actually had a few friends that were nominated to certain categories and some even won!

These three glamorous photos of Maria “Mia” Jonasson, Maryem Nasri, Ulrica Hållén and me were taken by Photographer Maria Wideman:

Before everything started I invited Mia and Maryem to my hotel room to get ready for the party. We did our makeup and they talked about things I don’t understand such as “interim assignments” and special “blow-dryings” that you can get done at a saloon. Well I try to learn but some things are simply different from where I live in the little town Boden 1000 kilometers from Stockholm. Let’s just say I’ve never heard of anyone here going to a hairstylist to get their hair blow-dried without cutting it.

I’ve never been to a gala like this before and it made me a little bit nervous walking around real Influencers such as Kenza who has thousands, or even millions of followers (1,7 million on Instagram). Still, everyone were really friendly despite that I by mistake took another girls champagne glass and even drank from it! +Before La Linda was to enter the stage I gave her a hug and accidentally pressed a button on her microphone device and as a result of that she had to run of to the technicians to get help. Sorry!

The Swedish artist Molly Sanden had a performance on stage where she sang her new song “Utan Dig” (Without You) for the first time. Mollys music is not what I usually listen to but this is the second time I hear her live and she has an amazing voice! I also like her body positive campaign and her jewellery collection from which I have bought a silver ring that I always wear. The ring is featured in my video “Goth Jewellery Haul”.

I think it was quite fun that Molly was wearing a yellow jacket. Who wears a duvet on a gala? I like it when people step out of the box or maybe it is simply “in” and fashionable now and I’m just an old lady not knowing that just yet because I’m not tuned in to new trends.

Another bright shining star at this event was La Linda who is the founder of the organisation Influencers of Sweden (Inos) which is responsible for this award. To me Inos has been very important since they educate in how to work towards your goals, acknowledge your value and how to be transparent when working with marketing. Apart from that the organisation has given me a lot of friends and a space to discuss blog and YouTube related topics.

It’s funny, what you see on the images is glamour but all you could hear all evening was discussions about business and entrepreneurship. It’s easy to forget that beneath all the pretty dresses there are very talented and sharp entrepreneurs.

Later into the evening I had a Mohito and mingled around with my friends until I got too tired and retired in my hotel room. I generally don’t enjoy sleeping in other places than home but I must admit the rooms at Elite Marina Tower was very nice and the whole building definitely appealed to me. It looks like a castle…

It was a nice time going to Stockholm BUT wow it felt soooo good to come home too! /Anna Munkhammar

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