Throwback: Snowmobiling in ÅrreNjarka

av Anna Munkhammar

I can feel it in the air and I have seen images of fresh snow in the mountains. Winter is coming and with that the snowmobiling season starts. OK, so there are a few months left but already I have begun watching YouTube videos and looking back at images from the last season.

For instace I will never forget this wonderful day together with my girlfriends in ÅrreNjarka. It was a perfect day apart from that later on the sun disappeared behind clouds and we got stuck in a stream where the ice broke and that was not particularly nice at all!!

Thankfully after a lot of hard work we got out and as with most mishappens it became a fun memory afterwards.

My girlfriends have been driving for many years longer than me and thus they are a lot more experienced. My driving skills always evolve each time we go on a tour since I try to drive where they are driving with one exception… I don’t want to jump with my snowmobile!

Even if Frida and Bettina would never talk about themselves as “experts” at jumping with their sleds I think they are! Frida is driving the Polaris in the image above. I have seen her and Bettina do many daring jumps throughout the years and although it looks like a lot of fun I’m simply to scared of heights and falling of!

I know it’s still autumn but let’s start longing together…

This was actually the first tour on which I had my new custom made sled wrap and wow I just love it!! I Can’t wait until I get to start my snowmobile again but if I would guess and hope it would be when I come home from my holiday in Florida.

/Anna Munkhammar

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