Burnout Meet

av Anna Munkhammar

Don’t miss my latest video in which I follow Johan to a car meetup with some of his friends. Johan took me on a ride with his new car, a BMW E30 with a audi 5 cylinder engine with turbo.

Among other things he makes a burnout in 160 km/h which made me loose my breath. It was a fun experience!

The video also features the twins and their orange Volvo 142 with a Volvo 16v turbo and skis on the roof. There are some other drivers with their cars as well but the twins get an honorable mention here.

One day I will try to make burnouts with my Volvo 740 as well but the engine is a bit weak. So far I’ve only made doughnuts on a gravel and when it get’s icy I will practice my drifting skills. I want to learn how to handle my car better than I can today. One day I’ll have a V8 in my Volvo and I will be able to play around with it as well.

/Anna Munkhammar

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