Changing seasons at Sandön

av Anna Munkhammar

It truly is autumn now, or I would rather say that autumn is soon over. The leaves are yellow and beautiful but it will not be long until the wind has blown them all of. Last weekend me and Johan went to his parents cottage at Sandön. Sandön is an island in the Luleå archipelago and we use to go there by boat in the summers but sometimes we go there at other times of the year as well.

It was cold and even though it was not raining the rain was in the air. Everything would have been monochrome and grey if it was not for the trees (and one poisonous mushroom). Much has happened in the nature since I recorded this Vlog in july and still it feels as if the time passed so quickly…

Soon we can’t go there by boat any longer and we will have to wait for the ice to get thick enough for the iceroad to open. Last winter we drove to Sandön with our snowmobiles and then we cooked coal buns over an open fire. I’m looking forward to doing that again or atleast something similar as soon as there is enough snow.

However, for now I’ll try to enjoy the beautiful autumn instead of longing for winter and snow. Despite all the rain it’s nice to take walks and it’s cozy afterwards when you get indoors.

What do you like most with autumn?  /Anna Munkhammar

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