Circle of life Amethyst Pendant

av Anna Munkhammar

This amethyst pendant is my latest buy from Hellaholics and it is adorable! It is silver plated with raw amethysts and it certainly has that little extra to it.

I had been looking at it for a long time but was a bit hesitant because I normally don’t like jewelry that is silver plated since they can be a bit sensitive to the test of time. This time however I could not help myself and if it is of good quality I don’t think the silver plating will be an issue.

Last time I ordered from Hellaholics the postal service lost my package and Hellaholics sent a new onyx ring to me despite the fact that I had not payed for a tracked package. That’s defiantly good customer service! When the first package eventually was found and retrieved several weeks later I sent it back to Hellaholics and this time when I ordered they sent me a thank you present (!!)

I’m too much of an honest person I could never have taken the ring that was lost by the postal service when I had promised to send it back if it ever was retrieved. I never thought it would ever come back but when it did the only right thing was to send it to Hellaholics since they had given me a new ring.

These two silver rings is what I got as a “Thank You gift”:

Wow I was thrilled! THANK YOU!!

If you wounder where the images are taken it’s from my backyard. Isn’t it the most wonderful background? /Anna Munkhammar

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Mentioned in Hellaholics blog – Boden By Night januari 29, 2018 - 12:18

[…] I have been in touch with them before when the postal service lost my package and I eventually ended up with 2 extra rings. You can read more about that episode here… […]


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