The Extra, Not Ordinary, Goth Tag

av Anna Munkhammar

If you are following some goth YouTubers you might be familiar with”The Goth Tag”. It was quite some time since it gained popularity and now Rachel Shade and Lady Lecter has made a new goth tag with updated questions. I think that was a good thing of them to do and therefore I jumped on the train and participated.

These are my answers to The Extra, Not Ordinary, Goth Tag:

The Extra, Not ordinary, Goth Tag questions:

1. How long have you been identifying as Goth?

2. What was your first encounter with the Goth subculture?

3. How many items of crushed velvet clothing do you own?

4. What is your favorite/least favorite Goth clothing staple?

5. What widely accepted Goth band can you not stand?

6. In the Goth subculture, there is a lot of death imagery. What meaning does this hold for you specifically, if any?

7. What is your favorite piece of Gothic literature, and can you name your three favorite characters from Gothic lit?

8. Who are your three favorite Goth bands/artists?

9. What are your three all-time favorite songs to dance to in the Goth club?

10. What is the funniest encounter you have ever had with someone in response to your Goth appearance?


If I compare the new tag with the old I like the new a lot more. The old had weird questions such as “what do you think of Marilyn Manson” and “Do you prefer natural or shaved eyebrows”. I don’t know but I just thought they were a bit strange that’s all. I’m a bit tired of the Marilyn Manson discussion and when it comes to eyebrows it pretty easy to see if they have shaved or natural eyebrows and both are pretty in their own way.

This is Rachel Shades original video:

What do you think of this tag, would you like to see more YouTubers making it? /Anna Munkhammar

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