Silver Ring with a black Onyx From Hellaholics

av Anna Munkhammar

This silverring with a black onyx that I ordered from Hellaholics has become one of my absoloute favourites! I wear it at all times ♡

At first the package was lost by the postal service but Hellaholics sent me a new one and it arrived the next day.  I’m very thankful that they sent a new ring because I had not payed for a traced shipment. The first ring did eventually arrive several weeks later and I sent it back to the shop.

I have ordered quite much from Hellaholics lately because they have a lot of beautiful silver jewellery with natural gemstones.

I like gemstones because they can have different properties and I like the thought of that. Wearing something synthetically made such as a cubic zirconia don’t have the same feeling to it as a real stone.

/Anna Munkhammar

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Perry Valentine augusti 4, 2019 - 17:06

Black onyx comes from the Greek word for the fingernail. Why is onyx called the fingernail? That dates back to a tale from centuries ago and you read the complete story under the next point on the history of black onyx.

Anna Munkhammar augusti 4, 2019 - 22:38

Hi Perry. That’s interesting to hear! I love black onyxes 🙂


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