Mukbang and Giveaway: Swedish Candy!

av Anna Munkhammar

Me and my cat Patrik is having a candy giveaway on YouTube. I want to give you the oportunity to taste Swedish candy and therefore I am having a little contest where you can win the same candy as I am eating in the video. Well not exactly the same there will be new packages of the same candy of course!

It’s easy to participate, all you have to do is give me a suggestion of a video that you think I should make. You will get more details and information in the video!


This is a very simple challenge I’ve made it to give something back to you for viewing and commenting my videos. I feel very grateful for each and every comment I get and I can’t explain how much it means to me having somebody watching my videos. To put it simple: Making videos is always fun but it’s kind of boring uploading videos without anyone watching. Lately it has become so much more fun because we are talking to each other in the comment field and I just love that.

Apart from being a giveaway/contest this also turned into a candy mukbang where I tell you a little bit about some childhood candy memories, a planned interview with a gothband and my future journey to the US among other things.

Rules to participate:

  1. Write a comment with a suggestion of a video that you think I should make.
  2. If several has suggested the same video the first one will win.
  3. I will contact the winner by answering his/her comment
  4. The winner will also be announced officially in a video
  5. You can live anywhere in the world to participate.


It will be fun getting to know what type of videos you enjoy.

/Anna Munkhammar

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2 kommentarer september 1, 2018 - 21:08

Thanks very nice blog!

Anna Munkhammar september 13, 2018 - 21:32

Thank you!!


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