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The book Wiccapedia is made to be a basic introduction to Wicca. I don’t identify as a Wiccan but I’m interested in the occult and I share some of it’s values. I fell in love with this book due to it’s appearance, it’s so beautiful I just had to have it!

The first original cover looks quite different and it is this second cover that has literally exploded online. I see it just about everywhere on Instagram so obviously it’s a popular book to photograph, but is it just a pretty accessory or is the inside worth all the fuzz as well?

I would say it depends on what kind of book you are after… After reading Wiccapedia I have seen a lot of negative comments about it in certain Facebookgroups but I would say some of those comments are not particularly fair because they more have to do with what the reader was expecting rather than what the book is claiming to be.

Wiccapedia is a book for someone new to Wicca and for that at least I think it does it’s job very well. For someone already very knowledgeable it may feel as if it does not go deep enough into the subjects of each chapter.

+ Positive aspects of the book+

+Wiccapedia is inspiring in it’s appearance and both the cover and the inside is very beautiful.

+It’s an overall guide to a wide subject.

+Wiccapedia is easy to read and easy to understand.

+ It contains many useful tips on practical exercises for beginners in magic.

+ It’s a positive, easy-going and cozy book.

+ It does not contain any scare propaganda or horror stories.

-This did not appeal to me –

-The is a very strong focus on angels in the book, and although I don’t mind angels there is a quite important information gap when the gods and goddesses are barely mentioned.

-If you already know a lot, you may feel that the authors only scratch on the surface of certain subjects and do not get into the depths.

-A few tips about exercising modern magic with mobile phones and email did not appeal to my personal taste.

If you want to know more about the book you can see my youtube book review! Patrik is really sweet throughout the whole video <3 <3 

Have you read Wiccapedia and if so, what did you think of it? /Anna Munkhammar

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