Return of the sunsets

Vacation Postcard Day 17

It’s clear that we are going into August soon. The evenings are getting darker as the sun goes down but the nights are still lukewarm.

Yesterday we went down to the beach to get a glimpse of the blood moon. Unfortunately we could not see it because it was probably hidden on the other side of the island.

With or without blood moon, it was still a beautiful walk at the beach!

Today we took the boat on a tour around Sandön and in the evening it was “sunset time” again. 

Mmm Mojito!

Sweet dreams!

Anna Munkhammar

Anna Munkhammar

Boden By Night


  1. Vilka fantastiska bilder! Jag måste ta mig uppåt i år. Har tyvärr inget inplanerat förrän mars då jag skall till Kiruna, det längtar jag till. Då blir det snöskoterkonferens med världens bästa återförsäljarnät 🙂

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