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Evening walk on Clearwater Beach

Yesterday I finally got to go on my first walk on a beach in Florida. It was amazing!!

The sand at clearwater beach is almost completely white and it felt as if I was walking on potato flour. At some places it would even make that quirky sound!

The tide had been high and we could collect a lot of sea shells. Some are really beautiful and BIG. It is such a complete different world from where I come from in Sweden and I can’t wait until we are going to the beach in the morning and have a bath in the sea.

We went into a bar called Crabbys next to the beach and I had some garlic mussels to eat before we went home. I also tried an american beer called Budweiser. It was very delicious!

I hope you are having a great time wherever you are in the world ♡ /Anna Munkhammar

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Anna Munkhammar

Anna Munkhammar

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