Jetlag & mini house tour

After flying back to Sweden from Florida I have for the first time in my life experienced the so called Jetlag... I have always secretly thought some people might exagerate

Weird Things I have heard about USA

In my video today I will give you four examples of things that I have heard about USA that seems weird to me as a Swede. I must admit the

Winter Zipline in Åre

I decided to try ziplining for the first time in my life when I was on something called a "Winter Workation" in Åre together with a few other bloggers from Influencers of

Throwback: Snowmobiling in ÅrreNjarka

I can feel it in the air and I have seen images of fresh snow in the mountains. Winter is coming and with that the snowmobiling season starts. OK, so

Vlog: Spontaneous Chit Chat

This video was recorded in a very spontanious manner with my cellphone and I simply speak from my heart. I tell you about this new English version of my blog,

Burnout Meet

Don't miss my latest video in which I follow Johan to a car meetup with some of his friends. Johan took me on a ride with his new car, a

Changing seasons at Sandön

It truly is autumn now, or I would rather say that autumn is soon over. The leaves are yellow and beautiful but it will not be long until the wind

The Extra, Not Ordinary, Goth Tag

If you are following some goth YouTubers you might be familiar with"The Goth Tag". It was quite some time since it gained popularity and now Rachel Shade and Lady Lecter has made

Mukbang and Giveaway: Swedish Candy!

Me and my cat Patrik is having a candy giveaway on YouTube. I want to give you the oportunity to taste Swedish candy and therefore I am having a little
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