The Snowmobile day in Sweden

Today I am going to something called "The Snowmobile Day" in Sweden (Snöskoterns dag). It's a weekend when all snowmobile stores are open and people interested in snowmobiling go to

Weird Things I have heard about USA

In my video today I will give you four examples of things that I have heard about USA that seems weird to me as a Swede. I must admit the

Winter Zipline in Åre

I decided to try ziplining for the first time in my life when I was on something called a "Winter Workation" in Åre together with a few other bloggers from Influencers of

Frost in my backyard

This is what I woke up to in the morning. The sun is shining and there is a coat of frost over everything. I had to take a few images.

Pretty Friday and car luck

Hi, I just wanted to pop in because I am feeling pretty today! Matching dress and tattoo at the office, that ain't bad! Apart from giving myself compliments I want

The big Influencer Award

This Friday I had a wonderful evening at "Stora Influencer Priset" in Stockholm (the big influencer award). It was a gala with an award ceremony for some of Swedens best

Throwback: Snowmobiling in ÅrreNjarka

I can feel it in the air and I have seen images of fresh snow in the mountains. Winter is coming and with that the snowmobiling season starts. OK, so

Vlog: Spontaneous Chit Chat

This video was recorded in a very spontanious manner with my cellphone and I simply speak from my heart. I tell you about this new English version of my blog,

Burnout Meet

Don't miss my latest video in which I follow Johan to a car meetup with some of his friends. Johan took me on a ride with his new car, a
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