Vacation Postcard

I was doing really well with my vacation postcard blog posts but the past two days I didn't upload any. There is a good reason for that but it's a

Renovating the old door

Yet another day with hard work. We had to empty the garage and bring all stuff to the cottage in the backyard. There has been two snowmobiles in there too

Popcorn & Garage Plans

I've been cleaning the whole house today and even though it felt good I kind of wish I had been at Sandön instead. We are going to build a new

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Yesterday the only thing I photographed was my cup of coffee... I worked the entire day painting the inside of our kitchen cabinets and the walls in the hallway. In

Boden Alive Rally Sprint

Came home to Patrik today and I think he has missed me! Mum took care of him for almost a week while we have been away from home. Patrik loves

Boat trip to Luleå

This day has been pretty much the same as the previous ones (wow I'm spoiled). We went on a tour with the boat but instead of going into the archipelago

Learning to waterski

Today Johan and his brother walked down to the beach carrying waterski equipment. Both Britt and I got curious and came along to see what they were up to. Britt

Evening bath in the Sea

Came home from Finland today and went straight to Sandön. This is actually my second bath today. Earlier today we took a tour with the boat in the archipelago and

Evening walk in Oulu

These images are from yesterdays refreshing and romantic evening walk in Oulu 🖤 There is a lot of water and small bridges which makes it really nice for walking or
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