Swimming with my favourite dress

Another wounderful summer day has passed. The sea was warm and I had to take a dip in the sea despite not wearing any bikini. It's not the first time

Lisemajs Guesthouse Cake Buffet

Lisemaj has a guesthouse in Västmark and once a year every summer she organizes a big cake buffet. She bakes everything herself and it's amazing! Even before Lisemaj had opened

Return of the sunsets

It's clear that we are going into August soon. The evenings are getting darker as the sun goes down but the nights are still lukewarm. Yesterday we went down to

Boat trip to Luleå

This day has been pretty much the same as the previous ones (wow I'm spoiled). We went on a tour with the boat but instead of going into the archipelago

Learning to waterski

Today Johan and his brother walked down to the beach carrying waterski equipment. Both Britt and I got curious and came along to see what they were up to. Britt

Evening bath in the Sea

Came home from Finland today and went straight to Sandön. This is actually my second bath today. Earlier today we took a tour with the boat in the archipelago and

Boat Tour in Luleå Archipelago

My friend Eva who has the blog People in the Street is making a blog post serie with "postcards" from every day of her vacation. I think it's a great

Alternative Shopping in Stockholm

The Saturday after the Influencer Award I had yet another day to spend in Stockholm and I did it by having a coffee with my sister at Haymarket and after

Rainy Midsummer’s eve

It's no surprise that when Midsummer's eve eventually arrived it was pouring down. In other words it was a typical Swedish midsummer! I did not think much of the weather
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