Rainy Midsummer’s eve

It's no surprise that when Midsummer's eve eventually arrived it was pouring down. In other words it was a typical Swedish midsummer! I did not think much of the weather

Western Farm Drängarna & Pökerz

On June 13 I turned 31 years old (Happy birthday for me)! Last Saturday I decided to have some friends over for BBQ and drinks before going to Western Farm.

Preparing for Midsummer

Yesterday we arrived at Sandön to celebrate midsummer. Me and Johan sleeps in "our" cosy black cottage 🖤 I love it and have considered painting our house black too (?)

Swedish National day at Sandön

Sweden's national day is 6th June and most Swedes are vacant from work. This year Johan and I went by boat to his parents cottage at Sandön in Luleå archipelago.

Winter Vacation in Åre

I'm on something called "Winter Workation" in Åre. Workation is a play with words where work and vacation are mixed into one word and actually that explains it quite well.

Winter Zipline in Åre

I decided to try ziplining for the first time in my life when I was on something called a "Winter Workation" in Åre together with a few other bloggers from Influencers of

Changing seasons at Sandön

It truly is autumn now, or I would rather say that autumn is soon over. The leaves are yellow and beautiful but it will not be long until the wind