Girltour ÅrreNjarka mars 2018

This weekend I'm in ÅrreNjarka with eight girlfriends. We make this trip every year and it has become a really nice tradition. Yesterday the weather was AMAZING. It was -30°C

Snowcross in Kåbdalis

A few weeks ago was in Kåbdalis with Johan, our dog Britt and my parents during the weekend. Kåbdalis is a skiing resort close to the town Jokkmokk just above

The first ride of the season

Last weekend it was enough snow to take a ride with the sleds. In fact, the first ride of the season! Now it's weekend again and the amount if snow

The Snowmobile day

I am finally home again after my trip to Florida and it is cold and snowy outdoors! Quite a big change to the hot weather I have become used to

The Snowmobile day in Sweden

Today I am going to something called "The Snowmobile Day" in Sweden (Snöskoterns dag). It's a weekend when all snowmobile stores are open and people interested in snowmobiling go to

Throwback: Snowmobiling in ÅrreNjarka

I can feel it in the air and I have seen images of fresh snow in the mountains. Winter is coming and with that the snowmobiling season starts. OK, so

How I got interested in snowmobiling

This is the story of how I got interested in snowmobiling and eventually bought my first sled. I also talk about a different era in my life where I was