Snowmobiling & Cars

80s goth car dreams

I have been trying to figure out how I should dress for the Retro Rally on Saturday. The hammock is a great place for important thoughts... I'm participating in the

Driving Veteran Mopeds

Today Johan fixed the veteran mopeds and after that we could take them for a ride! Johan looks like a giant on his Crescent Compact from the 70s. His grandfather

Boden Alive Rally Sprint

Came home to Patrik today and I think he has missed me! Mum took care of him for almost a week while we have been away from home. Patrik loves

Baptism and cars

This post should have been published yesterday but it was such an intense day I fell asleep as soon as we came yo the hotel. The dag started with my

Enthusiast car vacation to Finland

Believe it or not, tomorrow we are driving to Finland with my old Volvo 740. I've been to Finland several times before and I love it there. I can't explain

Volvo car meet

The Volvo car meet is a yearly event but this was the first time for me. Actually it was the first meet ever with my Volvo 740 project with the

DIY Painted Rims With Plasti Dip

Last summer I bought a Volvo 740 from 1988. I had been dreaming of having a 740 for several years and after getting some support from Johan I finally got

Girltour ÅrreNjarka mars 2018

This weekend I'm in ÅrreNjarka with eight girlfriends. We make this trip every year and it has become a really nice tradition. Yesterday the weather was AMAZING. It was -30°C

Snowcross in Kåbdalis

A few weeks ago was in Kåbdalis with Johan, our dog Britt and my parents during the weekend. Kåbdalis is a skiing resort close to the town Jokkmokk just above

The first ride of the season

Last weekend it was enough snow to take a ride with the sleds. In fact, the first ride of the season! Now it's weekend again and the amount if snow
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