Demolishion day!

At 8 in the morning the carpenter and excavator arrived to our home. It didn't take long before the first piece of the garage roof was gone. Britt and Nisse

Building a new garage…

This is what's been going on these past days. The garage is now empty and tomorrow it's time for demolishion. In one way it's sad because I've always loved the

Vacation Postcard

I was doing really well with my vacation postcard blog posts but the past two days I didn't upload any. There is a good reason for that but it's a

Renovating the old door

Yet another day with hard work. We had to empty the garage and bring all stuff to the cottage in the backyard. There has been two snowmobiles in there too

Popcorn & Garage Plans

I've been cleaning the whole house today and even though it felt good I kind of wish I had been at Sandön instead. We are going to build a new

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Yesterday the only thing I photographed was my cup of coffee... I worked the entire day painting the inside of our kitchen cabinets and the walls in the hallway. In

Renovating our home

It's been about 30°C outside which is very rare in Sweden... This is also the first week of my 4 week summer vacation... And despite this I have painted our

Weekend fun

I've had an amazing weekend with Johan and thought I should share some images from it with you 🖤 On Saturday we went into town to watch Boden Watercross, a

Summer is here!

Finally it's summer and I have made some major changes in my life. Or at least ONE BIG change. I have a new job and I love it! Not that
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