About Me

My name is Anna Munkhammar and my biggest interests are snowmobiling and alternative lifestyle. I live in a house in northern Sweden in a town called Boden together with Johan and our dog Britt and cat Patrik. Patrik usually join me as my sidekick when I am about to record my YouTube videos.

I started my Swedish blog “Boden By Night” in the summer of 2014 with the intention of it being an online site collecting fun events happening in my hometown Boden. As the site grew bigger most of my followers were not living in Boden at all but rather in the southern parts of Sweden 1000 kilometers away. Boden By Night turned into a more personalized blog and eventually I decided that I wanted to focus on snowmobiling and alternative lifestyle.

When I finally dared to start my YouTube channel I wanted to try to make it in English and since it felt good I decided to make an English blog to match it as well. I live in such a beautiful country and I have a lot of nice images that I want to show and share with you!


Do you want to know more about me? Check out the video 7 revealing facts about me:

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope we will get to know each other more!


/Anna Munkhammar

Contact: anna.munkhammar@bodenbynight.se