November 2017

The first ride of the season

Last weekend it was enough snow to take a ride with the sleds. In fact, the first ride of the season! Now it's weekend again and the amount if snow

Jetlag & mini house tour

After flying back to Sweden from Florida I have for the first time in my life experienced the so called Jetlag... I have always secretly thought some people might exagerate

The Snowmobile day

I am finally home again after my trip to Florida and it is cold and snowy outdoors! Quite a big change to the hot weather I have become used to

Embarrassing #Selfie and poor WiFi

Here comes a #selfie which Johan has been teasing me for (because it looks so I-took-a-selfie-in-the-restroom-ish). It was embarrassing when he saw it and we both started to laugh. BUT,

I’m well and in Key West 

I thought I should to update you on what is going on with my Florida journey. Last time I wrote I was sad because I had a cold and had

I have a cold on my dream journey

Ok so here comes a little reminder that things are not great just because you happen to have a wonderful view outside your balcony. I HAVE A COLD. Yes, I

Mentioned in Hellaholics blog

Hellaholics has written about me in their blog. They sent me a message yesterday and asked if they could borrow some images from me and of course I said yes. You can

Clearwater Beach in November

I have already shown you Clearwater Beach in the sunset but now I have also experienced it during the day. Wow it is so nice and the sand is all white. I